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Android Application Development

Android Application Developer

The need for android application development is increasing exponentially with every passing day. With 70000 Android Apps available in market and over 100000 Android apps submitted, it is one of leading mobile application development platform. A M Technologies is one of the rising stars in the galaxy of Android application development. We offer you to hire our specialized service to customize your own android apps.

What Is Android?

Android was initially developed by Android Inc. Later it was purchased by Google. This mobile operating system is based on a modified version of Linux kernel. Google has positioned it in Open Handset Alliance. It is a consortium of several companies which are working together to achieve a common goal of developing open standards for mobile phones.

Benefits of hiring Android developer

  • The immense popularity of Android makes it a popular platform to build several applications. Different companies are employing their efforts to come out with new applications. Our dedicated Android application developer would assist you to be up to date with all the new applications in several fields.
  • Though several new Android apps are available in the market and are easily downloadable with a dedicated Android developer you can have customized application according to your needs.

As a Client What You Can Expect From A M Technologies.

Once you hire our service and narrate your needs, our team of dedicated Android apps developers would build a prototype and check whether it has included all the features to cater your needs. If you are not happy with our design, we are ready to customize it


With our experience in Android application development, we have seen that often our customers can not realize their exact needs before seeing the prototypes. We at A M Technologies are always open to receive your realization. We can modify your Android Apps at any stage of its lifecycle.

Quality Control

Once you have approved the design we launch a beta model and thoroughly test the model. In case of any potential problems we work upon the design and modify it further.

Cost control

We are very cautious with our client's budget. Our android programmers are very careful about the cost effectiveness of your Android application development project. Our android apps give you the best ROI available in the market.

On Time Delivery

At A M Technologies, we are very specific about meeting the deadlines. We have an impeccable record of delivering all our applications on time.

Popular Apps that our Expert Android Developers have worked upon

We in A M Technologies make sure that we create apps made exclusively to meet your wants. Thus we work hard over the years 24x7 to gain knowledge and finding out ways to help you .Some known android apps that our experts have learnt about are:

  • Fun and interactive applications
  • Travel applications
  • Business applications
  • Utility applications
  • Multimedia applications
  • Communicative and internet applications

At A M Technologies we help you to design customized android apps that are in compatible with any android phone in the market. Our team of developers is capable of handling any android application requirement that you may have and deliver you applications that suit your needs

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