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Android Game Development

Android Game Development

The Android effect has caught up with regular mass and with every passing day the Android fever is gaining momentum. Android smart phones at this moment are the most sold smartphones in U.S.A. with market share of 33%. It also has 9% of smartphone market share globally. According to the estimation of Gartner Inc. it would be world's second largest smartphone market holder, ahead of Windows, Blackberry and only second to Nokia's Symbian OS. The Android effect has catapulted its reach to customers in U.S.A. and globally. So you can imagine how lucrative the market of Android Games Development is going to be.

We at AM Technologies have the requisite expertise, knowledge and ability in Android Games Development. We are one of the most renowned companies in software development and we have the required intellectual expertise to build Android games. Once you hire us for your Android Games Development need, we will be taking care of all your requirements while you can sit and enjoy the fruits of a fully developed customized and innovative game.

Android Games Development - The A M Technologies Edge

Amazing features of Android Games is one of the reasons of its popularity. The entertaining feature provided by Google has added manifolds to make Android smartphone a successful product.

Integrated Supply Chain Management System

Dedicated Service and Support System

We, with our experienced team of dedicated professionals strive to help you achieve the desired results. We have 8 hours a day dedicated service system and a 24*7 support system for further assistance. In case of any technical guidance we also provide consulting services.

Market Research

Our Android Game Development team is one of the best in market and we provide you full support. Our team of analysts would help you to realize the market demand with the aid of their continuous research, so that you can plan according to the need of market. Our programmers would transform your plan into reality and our support team would provide you after sales support.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning System

As a Client What You Can Expect From A M Technologies.

Technical Expertise

We possess the necessary expertise for developing games on Java programming platform. We follow an easy to develop process which is complemented with a simple user interface using which you can modify any parts of the game according to you wish. We make both 3D and 2D games. Our games developed in Android supports all image, music and video files (example- MPEG4,JPG, PNG, MP3, GIF, MP4, ACC etc) .

Understanding And Catering To The Demands

In the field of Android Games Development, technical knowledge is mandatory. But it is not enough to make your business successful. You have to take care of the needs of customer. Your Android apps should be satisfying for your customers. We with all our expertise will help you to make your Android game fit for the market. We provide the guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction.

Customer Retention

Our research team will continuously give you the feedback of your product, so that you can understand which aspects you need to upgrade. Our support team will be with you to provide your customers after sales service. Our dedicated android game developer will help you to upgrade your Android apps and thus securing the retention of customers.

At AM Technologies we continue to endeavor to provide you with satisfactory results by implementing a rigid quality control system. We also place emphasis on out of the box thinking to encourage developers to come up with innovative ideas. So not only do we deliver quality, our Android Apps also have a unique flavor about them.

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