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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Developer

With the advent of smartphones, the use of mobile phone has spread beyond our imagination. Customized mobile applications have brought mobility and connectivity to its users like never before. The smartphone, with its third party application development feature, has introduced a new dimension in the world of mobile applications. With tailor made applications being developed for various purposes like chatting, social networking, business and gaming, mobile phone has become the one of the most versatile gadgets in the world. Different electronics giants like Blackberry, iPhone, HTC have come out with their range of phones to lure the customers. From a school going teen ager to a businessman, everyone has started using mobile phones not just for making and receiving calls but also for their day to day activities.

A M Technologies is one of the most reputed and well known companies in the field of mobile application development. We offer you to hire our dedicated offshore mobile application development service to experience new level of mobile applications.

The A M Technologies Edge

There are numerous mobile applications platforms. We have expertise of application development in almost all the popular platforms. Our areas of specialization are given below :

  • iPhone application development
  • Android mobile application development
  • Blackberry mobile application development
  • Windows mobile application development
  • Symbian mobile application development

Technical Expertise

Experienced and Highly Skilled Workforce

At A M Technologies we have a team of highly technical qualified professionals with more than 7 years of experience in mobile application development. Our dedicated software professionals are ready to serve you with all their skill and creativity.

Use of Latest Technologies

We at A M Technologies are very up to date with the latest technologies in the field of mobile application development. We always use the latest tools and employ the best techniques in building mobile applications for our clients.

Integrated Supply Chain Management System

Dedicated Services and Support System

We provide dedicated services for 8 hours a day. In case of any urgency we even work for extra hours to adhere to deadlines. We even provide you with need based consultancy services.

24*7 Support System

We provide our clients continuous support through live chats, messengers or VOIP. Our executives will clarify any doubts you may harbor about the functionality of any business apps.

Adherence to Deadlines

We understand the importance of your time. Therefore before starting off with the project we create well structured milestones and intimate you about the deadlines. Once the deadlines are approved we adhere to them strictly.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning System

Dedicated Research Team

Our dedicated research team is continuously working to provide you with useful and relevant mobile applications. We have satisfied the needs of our clients by producing different kind of mobile applications in different platforms.

As a Client What You Can Expect From AM Technologies

Quality Control

We at A M Technologies maintain a very strict quality level. Our testing team thoroughly tests each and every application to eradicate all possible flaws or glitches.

Free Installation

Our mobile development service comes with free installation.

Mobile applications have become essential in our day to day life. A M Technologies helps to you to take advantage of this technology by developing applications that complement your lifestyle and suit your needs. Contact us to hire our customized service for mobile development.

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