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Zen Cart Development

Zen Cart Development

Shopping preferences and purchase decisions of people have changed all over the world. Tech savvy and fashion intruded teens and adults look forward towards e-commerce sites to locate most of their shopping preferences compared to in-person shopping.

The trend has also forced the e-commerce sites and online traders to equip their websites in the best functioning way, to best help their customers in easy navigation and using of their websites. Shopping carts and easy payment options are vital for any selling site to thrive. Zen Cart Development plays an important role in the management systems of these online stores. And our expert professionals at A M Technologies are proficient in efficient designs and incorporation of Zen Cart with e-commerce websites of our clients.

What is Zen Cart?

This is essentially an online store database and is based on PHP and MySQL and is built on HTML. The program supports numerous currencies and languages all over the world and is available for free under Public License. We make the best advantage of its salient features to deliver quality shopping cart incorporation with our clientís websites.

What is Zen Cart Development?

Zen Cart development in the most user friendly tool available for e-commerce sites in the web and has been modulated by likeminded shop owners to ease the shopping system in their websites. Technical experts at our end make the best advantage of this architectural design in tune with our clientís websites with special add on features and CMS applications.

Dedicated Zen cart development at A M Technologies is able to provide quality, efficient and affordable Zen Cart services to the marketing firms. We are in fact able to empower e-commerce businesses with business applications designed by expert programmers, with hands on training and years of experience in the Zen Cart model.

Advantages of Zen Cart Module offered by A M Technologies:

  • Institute simple shopping cart design understandable and usable by non-programmers and developers with not much technical knowledge.
  • Easy to get installed and set up by any user.
  • Offers the best and reliable payment module for online shopping.
  • Serves as a marketing tool for social networking sites.
  • Offers an attractive interface with its in-built graphics set up.

Special features of Zen Cart Framework:

What makes our Zen Cart framework so special ahead of other competent shopping cart modules is a matter of question here and consumers can get the best answer at A M Technologies. Our module is easy to get installed and has limitless products and sub-categories to be included. Consumers are entitles with quality discounts with secure payment and check out modules.

The frame work designed is extremely adaptive to different currencies and languages of the world, while concurrently managing newsletters and gift letters of our clients. We also incorporate Quality discounts and offers that users entitle with our Zen Cart framework.

The Framework has an advantage for our designers as well. It is extremely simple to use and does not require complex coding and programming languages and offers an impressive feature on the website that is quite appealing to the visitors.

To meet the requirements of the clients, additional plug-ins and add on modules have been incorporated. And our rich libraries involved in the module enable users to include a large number of products and services. Zen Cart framework designed by A M Technologies is definitely a boon for online merchants and e-commerce traders.

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