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Over the past few years, all we have really seen is the changing face of SEO. The transition from its initial simpler optimization strategies to the more complex trends of today, especially with Google's new updates, has been worth experiencing.

Websites that topped the search results would suddenly drop down the pages with just one Google Update. This simply left search engine masters thinking again about newer SEO trends that would help their webpages regain their lost rankings. In simpler words, SEO kept on becoming harder every year, and a large number of SEO webmasters moved their focus away from SEO. But, is SEO company in chennai going to make a comeback in 2019? Will the new SEO trends that have been predicted for the year 2019 help webmasters gain the lost trust in the SEO strategies? For me, the answer is definitely a YES! However, let's have a look at the SEO trends that will make 2019 an important year for SEO.

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Mobile Indexing
Google is known for using the mobile version of your webpage for determining the indexing and ranking of your webpage. The update came in March 2018 and since then, mobile-first indexing has been one of the prime factors that decided the SEO ranking of your webpage. Make sure that you give your end user the ultimate experience with your content and quality.

Page Speed

Google strives on delivering the best results to its audience, and that too at a faster speed. Earlier, it was just website uploading speed that most webmasters had their focus on. But now, you also need to check out the mobile page speed of your website. This is especially important when you want to divert a considerable amount of traffic to your website.  So, track the mobile pages of your website and check the loading speed to make sure that you

Your Brand is Your Ranking Signal

SEO is all about strategizing on how to rank your website higher in Google's result pages. Well, one more way to up your rankings is by using your Brand as a smart SEO tactic.

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Let the search engine find your brand from its unlinked brand mentions. This helps Google consider your brand as an entity and starts analyzing the actions related to your brand. It also considers your brand's reputation, the content and services offered, trust, complaint-solving skills and advertising. These factors helps develop the trust factor of your brand in Google's eye. Once that is done, your ranking starts rising in the Google Search results.  

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Use Amazon Search
If you are a seller of any product, Amazon should be your ultimate goal. Based on a study, almost 56% of universal consumers log into Amazon to shop their needs. So, if you are not on Amazon, you directly lose these 56% of your potential customers. Hence, make sure that you include optimization for Amazon in your basic digital marketing company in chennai strategy. With these points described, I am sure you are more than convinced that SEO makes a big come back in 2019. So, start planning your SEO strategies and put them into action soon!