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About Digital marketing
Digital marketing, without doubt continues to be one of the most effective marketing solutions of all. A well strategized and executed advertising and marketing campaign holds great potentiality to rightly serve the needs of a business, increasing product demand and the range of services offered. BUT with the end of 2018, and the change in Time, the need and the effect of Digital marketing has also changed. But are the changes going to be to your benefit? And What will digital marketing really mean to your business in the year 2019? Let's find out here!

Digital Marketing in 2019

The year 2018 was the year of global recession! However, despite the economic slump, Google managed to make more money than its previous years. The reason being the expensive marketing strategies and the aggressive competition in the market amongst the competitors, each thriving to make it to the top of the ladder. Moreover, people today are more virtual than they used to be in the earlier years. No doubt, there are a total of 1,805,260,010 websites on the World Wide Web! In simpler words, for every 4 people in the world, there is 1 website. This only makes Digital Marketing even more interesting for all webmasters in the year 2019.

1. Face of SEO will Change
SEO has been a very important part of marketing, especially target keywords that were used to lure target audience to a website or page. According to ComScore, by the year 2020, 50% of the searches will be made through Voice Search. Additionally, people using the voice search will not be using their cell phones or laptops or microphones to make the searches. It is believed that people will be using devices like Alexa or Google Home to make their searches.
Hence, it will not matter whether you are ranked on Page 1 or Page 100. Google will simply either get your website or it will simply not! Also, conversion rates from a voice search are comparatively lower, resulting to lower visitors into your website.

2. Algorithm updates will be more intricate

In the year 2018, there were a total of 12 algorithm updates and in the year 2017 there were about 13 updates. Hence on an average, Google releases 12 updates per year, with the recent updates becoming more intricate and difficult to follow. This is one of the reason why Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. All that will matter are the user metrics to ensure that your website is genuine or not.

For instance, Google will check the total time a user spends in your website. Are your users moving away from your website and go back to Google search result listings? Is your brand getting noticed or not? Does your audience find your work appealing or not? Is your website's click-through rate higher or lower?
Above all, if and only if your website offers genuine content that makes your user come back to your page repeatedly, will the change in Algorithms not affect the functioning and revenue generation of your website.

3. Blogging will no longer hold the magic it previously had as a marketing strategy

With 1.8 billion websites, the content is almost saturated in the web. Moreover, more than half of these websites are dormant, and not updated over a long period of nellaiseo time. Today, Google has abundant content to choose from, which makes it pickier about your website. What will really matter here is how you make your end-user happy! In simple words, Google will rank website that is not rehearsed or repeated.

4. New Search Engines / New Content format will do the magic

Which are the search engines that you usually target your content towards? Google, Bing, Yahoo? Well, with the huge number of websites and the regularly updated content, it gets difficult to rank your pages on these search engines. So what do you do?

Look for an alternate but equally good search engine that helps your website get great traffic without you trying too hard. Youtube is that magical search engine. It works faster and gives you just the result you wish to have for seo agency in madurai your website. So, stop focusing only on Google and textual content. Video and Audio content are both attracting a lot of attention in the recent times. All you need to do is make sure that the content is authentic.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization will decide the Budget of the project

With the increasing competition, people are increasing their budget for the digital marketing of their website. But it is not just the marketing budget that has increased.


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Even the cost per click budget has increased over this period. However, not many people or companies invest in conversion rate optimization. And even if they invest, the budget is comparatively small. So, if you have a project in hand, remember to always decide the budget based on the conversion rate optimization. 6. Funnels will find more recognition and use in your marketing strategies for 2019

Sales funnel is an important tactic in the marketing world, but not many people use them. With the increasing competition, you will see the price of advertisements get more expensive. So what do you do? Well,  you look forward to generating seo experts in tirunelveli more revenue by downselling and upselling your customers. Don't run after making newer customer, instead work more on generating more revenue from your already existing customers. Set an installment system for your customers to consider your offers at your price. Also, ensure speedy and automated methods to give your customers faster results.

Overall, expect the unexpected in the world of digital marketing, in the year 2019. With newer technologies being brainstormed and developed, you will see a more intrinsic side of digital marketing world which will make you experience the roller coaster ride.