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Facts about ERP and CRM

  • 81% companies have successfully implemented ERP softwares.

  • 65% of the company budgets are over shot due to lack of a proper ERP

  • Efficient CRM systems can increase the company yield to 245%

  • Companies have noted a 77% rise in sales conversions after CRM

  • CRM is known to increase company revenue by 41% per salesman

  • 82% customers will leave the service if they feel uncared for.

CRM and ERP are the two sides of the coin in terms of increasing the business potential and profitability. Customer Relation Management system is responsible for all the data regarding customer behavior and interactions. The analysis of these statistics helps businesses in creating sales projections and targeting the correct audience

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows real time access to the entire business module. The focus lies on the data management and cost cutting to increase the profit margins in a business.

ERP Application Development

Our Methodology

  • Information about the client
  • Preparing the software
  • Integration of various business models
  • Implementation
  • Trial of website functions
  • Going live with the software system
CRM Application Development

We offer highly specialized CRM and ERP solutions to all our clients. A good customer interface ensures a smooth running business. Customer relations form the lifeline of any business and at AMTechnologies web designing and development services, we know exactly how to nurture it. The software updates are carried out by our proficient IT team periodically to update all your business requirements.

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