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About Us

At AM Technologies, we create pathways that link your dream to the digital world!

In 2005, AM Technologies was found to cater the basic needs of website designing & development, technological integration, search engine optimization and management. Since its foundation our only goal was to help the companies across the globe shift to the more profitable, scalable and booming Digital World.

We knew the primary challenges of the shift and with continuous research and innovation we created AMdoor, a unique idea that is both a product and a solution. AMdoor works as a 3D map for the existing and the emerging companies to establish, reach, promote and elevate their business in Digital World. This product is a combination of developmental research, digital integration and an emotional door of socio-economic demographics.

In the last decade we have conducted endless researches, tests and demo probabilities to ensure that its implementation can help any company reach their desired goals and reach the right audience without leaving any dark map on the Digital World. AMdoor also incorporates conventional business aspects to ensure that the digital transformation is seamlessly implemented within the company and also help themimplement the same in their physical growth and reachability.

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We start by understanding the needs, finding and fulfilling the voids, mapping the current industry possibilities and future needs, and applying advanced R&D techniques to create the right platform and brand that our client desires in the Digital World.

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AM's Promises

  • Open-minded Professional Approach
  • Implementing Only Tried & Tested Technologies
  • Tangible in Physical & Conventional model
  • Right Innovative Quotient
  • Complete After-sales Support
  • Always a Little More

The Future with AM Technologies

With deep technological roots we understand the integrities of digital world right from its need of online space to content and social media. Our products and services are created with the thought of connecting the business with the world and filling the voids to enable our patrons run a smooth and successful business.

AMDoor is the doorway for the both established & emerging companies enabling them to integrate & shift into the digital world of futuristic possibilities. It is like a 3 dimensional door that connects its roots with the existing digital world and unexplored business possibilities.

Our Core Team

Ashish Pandey
Ashish Pandey

Founder & Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Manish Pandey
Manish Pandey

CEO & Founder

Manish Dhorajiya
Manish Dhorajiya

Chief Technology Officer - Web (CTO)

Manish Dhorajiya
Satyam Vakharia

Chief Technology Officer - Mobile (CTO)

Shashank Jha

Director of Marketing & Advertisement

"We have been paving dreams of hundreds of professionals across multiple industries and sectors, catering to their present and future technological and digital requirements. The experience and trust shown in us is our motivation to shape our products and services as the innovative quotient for tomorrow."

- Ashish Pandey