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Logo & Brand Designing

Facts about Logo & Brand Designing

  • A Brand is Not a Logo - But a Logo is the Central Identifier for a Brand!

  • A coloured Logo Design increases 80% of your Brand Recognition

  • 33% of the world's top 100 brands use Blue colour in their Logo

  • 'Symantec Brand & Acquisition' is the world's most expensive Logo Design at $1,280,000,000

For any business, its logo is considered as the Face of the Company. A magnificent amount of time and finance is invested in designing a perfect logo. A well thought and creative brand logo creates a significant impact on the company from the public point-of-view. It is your logo and your services that will connect your customers with you, thus giving you a decent marketplace and a successful business. Branding tells a lot about your company, right from who you are, what you offer and what to expect from you.

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Our Methodology

  • 1. Understanding the brand & business
  • 2. Research the industry and competitors
  • 3. Conceptualize ideas and design directions
  • 4. Using the right colour and imagery
  • 5. Creating the story with the logo
  • 6. Reflecting the brand across all platforms
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For any business, the First Impression is the most crucial of all, especially when you wish to create quite an impact in the market. We believe in creating logo and brand designs that reflect your story and ideologies, helping you connect with your customers at a more emotional level. Check out our designing services to lay your trust on us!

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