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Pay Per Click/Sponsor Ads


  • 52% of the web users tend to contact the advertiser after clicking on their ads.

  • The top three paid ads get 41% more number of clicks.

  • Mobile optimized ads get 95% more clicks

  • Advertisers allocate 51% of the company budget in mobile ads.

  • For every 1 dollar spent in PPC ads, companies make 2 dollars.

Pay per click ads are a very popular method of online marketing. You can put up your ad on a host website and each time a user clicks on the advertisement, the website gets paid. As a company you can use your blogs and content to this advantage and put up advertisements from sources relevant to your content. This generates income for the company. Most of the search engines cannot differentiate between organic and paid ads. This model mainly aims at directing traffic to your website.

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Our Methodology

  • Make a list of the goals to be achieved.
  • Shortlist the search engine that you are planning to work with
  • Selection of keywords that reflect your product
  • Making a bid for the keywords
  • Allocate a monthly budget
  • Design the PPC ad and link it to a host page
  • Monitor the response it drives.
  • Tracking the PPC campaign
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You can put your trust in the PPC campaigns and our related digital marketing strategies designed by AM Technologies as we work with the most successful keywords and search engines in the industry. Our marketing tools will help you to identify the source of your new clients.

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