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Brand Identity

Facts about Brand Identity

  • It takes only 10 seconds to form the first impression of the Brand’s Logo.

  • Right brand color increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

  • 74% of our customers use social media to recognize the brand.

  • The History (facts) of the brand makes it look authentic to 91% of its customers.

Brand Identity is a story that the brand narrates to each and every customers it meets and interacts with, whether digitally or personally. It is very important to have the right story with the right creativity to narrate the vision, mission and the approach of the brand towards its customers. AM Technologies has perfected this art of creating the right story and identity of the brand by working for more than 18 industries across 5 countries.

Brand Designing Agency Ahmedabad

Our Methodology

  • Understanding the brand
  • Predicting its future possibilities
  • Using the right colour and imagery
  • Creating the story
  • Reflecting the brand across all platforms
Branding and Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad

We believe that the creation of an Identity is not a one-man’s show and to make sure we have all the perspectives, visions and creativity possible for the perfection of the story we have created a team of specialized Brand Masters. This team includes Brand Designers, Brand Analysts, Brand Identifiers and Brand Creators.

Our Recent Works